Quihi Schuetzen Verein
Address:  Co Rd 4517, Hondo, TX 78861

Dinner Options: CASH ONLY  Options are: 1. Brisket, potato salad, green beans, salad 2. Lasagna, green beans, salad. 3. Vegetarian option: Potato salad, green beans, salad. $14 per person

Quihi Schuetzen Verein

Two German men met under an oak tree on Quihi Creek on May 26, 1890 to organize the Quihi Schuetzen (shooting) Verein (club). Now called the Quihi Gun Club, it is one of the oldest social clubs in the country with over 600 members. Having been built on the Quihi Creek, the club’s building had been flooded 3 times before the building that stands today was built.

Dances are still held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month! Visitors from all over the world enjoy dancing on one of the best wooden dance floors ever.

The Quihi and Elm Creeks that surround the Dance Hall are the reason the building stands 6′ feet off the ground. Many of Texas’ greatest Legends like Pappy Selph, Caesare Masse, and Cliff Bruner have spent many nights in Dance Halls like this.

The Club, originally built to defend against Indian attacks, is the oldest continuous running gun club in the United States. They continue to meet each month.


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Doors at: 6:00pm

Music Starts at: 7:00pm